The Story

Geraldine means Spear Bearer, so it is from this aesthetic that I design my
I want to embody the traits that I feel a Spear Bearer would have. What that
woman would have to think about, worry about, be happy about, talk about,
do from day to day. Her dreams, her desires, her sorrows, her regrets. To get
those things and form them into a piece of jewellery, that would remind the
wearer that behind it all, all of life trials and tribulations, we are all strong
Spear Bearers

Ger Breslin jewellery is born from the bravery we all use to push ourselves
through life. It’s the passion we put into every day and the caring kiss we
leave at night.

Pieces are handmade and handcrafted from silver and gold with high
polished and textured finishes. Carefully chosen hand-cut stones feature in
the many one-off creations. Each piece conveys a sense of inner strength in
a subtle yet beautiful way.

Ger Breslin contemporary jewellery is beauty in strength